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Random Friday waffle

I have not spent the rest of the week eating Doritos and watching YouTube. I've been hard at work, at work. I intend to start working on my noble-intentions list this weekend. In the meantime, I'm sitting here trying to muster the energy to be productive at something, anything, but failing miserably. I think it's time for bed. After this blog post, of course.

One night this week I was thinking about some old work colleagues, especially one colleague whom I haven't spoken to in a couple of years. The next morning, I got an email from him saying 'hello, why don't you ever mail me?' It's happened to me before, and even when it's true, the 'wow, I was just thinking of you' reply always sounds a little thin.

I saw a new brand of pizzas on special at Tesco yesterday, so thought I'd try 'em. Only when I was sticking the pizza into the oven, did I notice that instead of being made with cheese, it was made with a 'cheese flavour analogue'. Easily the most disgusting thing I've seen or tasted all decade. Didn't finish a bite before throwing it out and having a sandwich for dinner. Supermarket frozen pizzas are pretty low on the budget ladder, is it really necessary to cost-cut the cheese? San Marco pizzas. Ugh, avoid. I'm tempted to write a letter. I'm scared they'll reply by sending me more pizzas.

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