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Pork Brains In Milk Gravy

I love junk food. But even I'm grossed out by some of the stuff at

Halfway down the page is a picture of a tin of Pork Brains In Milk Gravy, which happens to have a cool 1170% of your RDA of cholesterol. I've seen the picture crop up on a few blogs this week, and so I googled it. I didn't look too hard but I suspect that this was one of the originals, and there are blog posts referencing this picture as far back as 2006.

On the subject of pig brains, my googling found this page about potted meat products, which just makes me feel uncomfortable deep inside.

The odd thing is that as kids (and I don't think, looking back, that we were alone in this), we grew up eating things like corned beef and polony, and as I grew older and more discerning, first the corned beef went (only so many aorta bits you can deal with before you give it up), and then the polony after a fellow articled clerk during my auditing years told me about his experiences doing a stock count at a polony factory.

I still eat viennas and sausages, and I find it best to live in denial on that front.

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