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July reckoning

It's July. Cue ohmywordit'shalfwaythroughtheyearalready type comments. Ohmywordit'shalfwaythroughtheyearalready. Hard to believe (I think I say that every year). I look back over the last 6 months and I'm not sure what I've accomplished.

What new technologies have I been working with this year? More Spring, CXF, and a dose of distributed systems type stuff. Good fun - not much that's bloggable, but fun nonetheless. I've finally come to terms with Maven2 and decided it's not bad. When I first started using it, I couldn't think up enough horrible things to say about it, but I've reached the point where I prefer using m2eclipse over traditional Java projects in Eclipse.

At home, I've fluffed around a bit - frustratingly so I'll admit. I wanted to whip up something that would make it easier for me to ply my trading trade in Eve. In the end, the trading app tail wagged the tech hobby dog. I backed-and-forthed and experimented with different things for ages: Eclipse RCP, plain SWT, Swing, web, wxWidgets, and everything between. I finally settled on wxWidgets and C++. I was fiddling with some complicated JFace widget one night and decided there and then that I just wasn't going to waste any more time on Eclipse RCP. Good luck to those who can make it do good things - I just think it's too much effort and frustration. Eclipse is a great IDE, but I've lost all interest in seeing how the sausage is made. Regardless of the flavour, Java GUI programming and I do not get along. I've now made peace with that fact.

That was a month or two back. As I've said before, I like wxWidgets. Its API just feels like it has far less bullshit. GUI toolkits weren't meant to fully occupy the agenda for 2008, but I've wanted to get comfortable with something - comfortable enough to bolt a UI onto whatever itch I'm scratching, so to speak. So I'll carry on with wxWidgets and C++ - 2008 was supposed to be the year I got my hands dirty with C++ again anyway - and then move onto my original planned diversions in a few months' time.

Ironically, the past 2 months have been the busiest on the work and Real Life front, and the going is slow. But at least I have a sense of direction again, and for a stretch I found myself thoroughly depressed at how much time I was wasting when I didn't have that.

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