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A real but imaginary economy

As a sideline to the trading, I've been dabbling with production in Eve. I did my homework, picked a border system in secure space that leads to a network of low-sec systems (I reckon ship turnover is a lot higher in those sorts of areas, and it's also nice and close to the dirt-cheap minerals that're being mined in the low-sec systems), and set up a production run.

This evening, wallet icon flickered, money's changed hands. Checked the journal, another happy sale, someone bought one of my Cormorant destroyers. The player's name was distinctive, I remembered it. Let's call him Mr X. A few minutes later, I was warping in, preparing to dock at the station, and who was undocking, but Mr X in his brand new Cormorant. A Cormorant I made. Now it's off with its new owner to take on pirates and bad guys (or good guys) and seek fortune. I felt like sending the dude a message saying 'hey, good luck in my ship'. I decided against it. But it's a pretty cool thought. I'll keep an eye on the books and see how soon before he needs to buy another one :-)

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Danger UXB

Of all the things you expect to hear when the Voices are announcing delays on the tube, 'delays due to an unexploded bomb from World War II' is not one of them.

A 1 ton bomb, sitting there for 65-odd years, waiting to go boom. And then, when the bomb squad tries to defuse it, it starts ticking! Crazy.

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