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A real but imaginary economy

As a sideline to the trading, I've been dabbling with production in Eve. I did my homework, picked a border system in secure space that leads to a network of low-sec systems (I reckon ship turnover is a lot higher in those sorts of areas, and it's also nice and close to the dirt-cheap minerals that're being mined in the low-sec systems), and set up a production run.

This evening, wallet icon flickered, money's changed hands. Checked the journal, another happy sale, someone bought one of my Cormorant destroyers. The player's name was distinctive, I remembered it. Let's call him Mr X. A few minutes later, I was warping in, preparing to dock at the station, and who was undocking, but Mr X in his brand new Cormorant. A Cormorant I made. Now it's off with its new owner to take on pirates and bad guys (or good guys) and seek fortune. I felt like sending the dude a message saying 'hey, good luck in my ship'. I decided against it. But it's a pretty cool thought. I'll keep an eye on the books and see how soon before he needs to buy another one :-)

{2008.06.19 - 22:52}


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