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Joys of Christmas as a parent

Ten o'clock on Christmas Eve: "oh shit, have we got AA batteries..."

So, Father Christmas is done wrapping, got his VPN connection working 'cause he's on call tomorrow, done the Cabernet Sauvignon justice, and it's time for bed. Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or enjoy the day off; whatever does it for you. Cheers!

{2007.12.24 - 23:02}


1 Anne Kearsley (2007.12.31 - 01:03) #

Was this a case of last one in gets to do the holiday shift by any chance?
Have a Happy New Year to all the family. A

2 Colin (2008.01.01 - 22:26) #

That, and working with a lot of foreigners :-)

Happy New Year to you too!


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