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Sub unsub

Ronwen mentioned something about a post on a blog we both follow, and I said 'hey, I haven't read any posts from that person in ages'. So I went digging around in my Bloglines folders and realised that somehow I'd lost the blog's feed. Goes to show - these fancy no-effort tools are great, but a little bit of finger trouble and you're none the wiser.

Trawling through my Bloglines subs was a bit of an eye-opener, though. I'm still subbed to blogs which haven't been updated in years... quite literally. Take Southern Cross, an early South African blog, for example. They haven't posted anything since August 2004. I guess it's safe to say the dudes have given up. I made my peace with the idea, and hit the 'unsub' button. I could do the same for quite a few more, but there are others where I'm hesitant. I'm subbed to some blogs where the authors have done the Farewell thing... and in other cases, they've just gone quiet... but if any of them ever decided to start blogging again, I'd like to know about it. Going through some of these dormant blogs, there are quite a few I'm remembering fondly. I rather miss their blogging.

How long before you decide to flip the switch on a dead blog? A month, a year? More?

I also just realised that as of the beginning of October, I've been blogging publically for over 4 years. That's a loooong friggin' time.

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