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A fine result

I average about 1 sports-related post a year, this is 2007 taken care of. It's about Formula 1, which I take a passing interest in since the missus is an F1 nutter.

I don't really have anything against Lewis Hamilton, but you won't see me crying if he loses. It's nothing personal, but since he rose to fame Formula 1 TV coverage has turned into The Lewis Hamilton Show, and the bias and blind devotion is all too much. Hamilton defies team orders and screws over his teammate and he's a maverick hero with a winner's mentality. Alonso follows orders and conveniently screws over Hamilton and he's a bad loser and rotten sportsman, and oh yeah, he steals candy from little babies and kicks puppies. I have no doubt that the Spanish media fawn as ridiculously over Alonso, but I don't watch Spanish coverage, so I don't really care about that.

There's also the spying thing. There's no doubt that Lewis is a brilliant driver, and would probably be deserving of the championship. But not this year. Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but how do two drivers whose team got kicked out of the constructor's championship for cheating, get to race the same unfairly-advantaged cars and have a legitimate claim to the championship?

Go Kimi!

{2007.10.07 - 22:34}


1 Justin (2007.10.08 - 09:41) #

Hi there.

Hope you guys are all fine. Just dropped in to say thanks yet again. Remember the job I didn't get last year - well, I got it this year. Seems like I made a bigger impression than I thought. Will be starting as MD in November and am so looking forward to newer challenges.

Give my best to Ronwen and a hug to Leo.

And yes, go Kimi!! (wonder what Ronwen thinks about your support for Kimi, given that she is an Alonso supporter)


2 Colin (2007.10.08 - 18:43) #

I'm glad to hear it, congratulations and best of luck!

(and given the McLaren shenanigans this year, there's thankfully not too much domestic unrest :)

3 Ronwen (2007.10.10 - 11:54) #

I wrote Fernando off when he joined McLaren. I have no idea what possessed. Hopefully, he will return to Renault, get them back on track and have wonderful on track moments with Heikki. The cherry on top of my 2008 Fantasy F1 Season would be for McLaren to be disqualified. :)


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