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Democracy, UK style

Isn't it a bit unfair that the incumbent PM gets to decide when to hold a general election? Ahead in the opinion polls? Call an election! I wonder whether the electorate ever stops to wonder whether the government being in a hurry to hold an election means they know something that everyone else doesn't.

Not that it matters to me, really. To this pleb, the Tories and Labour don't differ that much. I think it's a sign of a mature democracy: the main parties have some rhetorical differences to capitalise on historical loyalties, but they're all essentially centrists, and everyone's happy with that. Basically one crowd gets to be 'it' for a while, and the other lot hang around and moan a lot, to keep the first lot honest. Then when the public gets tired of the incumbents or if they screw up really badly, then they get hoofed and the other side gets to be 'it' for a while, and the process repeats.

{2007.09.24 - 00:59}


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