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It's supposed to be bad etiquette or something and you're not supposed to blog about how you haven't blogged in ages. But if I didn't blog about not blogging then I wouldn't even be blogging this. The real world combined with the usual October-is-looming assignment rush is keeping me busy.

Do you think that in 10 years' time we'll look back and be embarassed about how we used blogging as a verb?

I think Monday can be taken to be the end of summer. Until now temperatures have been fairly mild, but then Monday arrived. I popped downstairs to take out the rubbish and recycling, and realised that outdoors and shorts and t-shirts are no longer an option.

The thing is, I'm quite looking forward to winter. The winter/summer sunrise/sunset variation in South Africa is about 2 hours, so last year when we arrived in the UK, the whole sunset at 3PM business really threw me. I was ready for bed every night by suppertime. I got used to it though, and it was an equally odd adjustment when the sun took to setting after 10 in the evening. Got used to that pretty quickly too! Now that it's getting darker earlier again, I'm looking forward to living in perpetual gloom for a few months. In a few years' time I might whinge just like the locals, but for now the seasons are real seasons, and they don't fsck around. That's pretty cool.

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1 angrboda (2007.10.12 - 14:13) #

I also enjoyed living in perpetual gloom for a few months every year when we lived over there :)


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