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Tourist stuff

We've been all touristy the past few weeks. Last weekend, the Henley Regatta, and this weekend, Stonehenge.

The Regatta was an excuse to walk for miles to find a picnic spot under a tree with a lovely view of the booze tents and all the Beautiful People dolled up to the nines. Most people in the 00's trying to look traditionally spiffy don't really manage to pull it off. Maybe looking traditionally spiffy needs trousers and blazers and summer dresses made by tailors or movie costume designers, not M&S or Gap.

Stonehenge was... more inspiring in the documentaries. I mean, it's amazing, seeing this huge structure, and you wonder how the hell, and why the hell, but in the documentaries, it's always filmed at sunrise with atmosphere and dew on the grass and nobody else around. In real life, Stonehenge is an interesting prehistoric site that looks like a movie set, but nicely cordoned off with rope walkways and a million tourists all bumping into each other because they're engrossed listening to the narration on the little radio player jobbies they hand out at the entrance. It is an incredible structure though, and set in a beautiful piece of countryside, and well worth seeing.

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