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Apparently it's a bit pawsh to go shopping at Waitrose doll, so I'd best point out that I wasn't name-dropping in my book post from the weekend. Apart from the fact that our dorpie only has a Waitrose and it's on the way to the bus stop, there's another reason why I can't go shopping for resealable plastic bags at the ornery-folks supermarkets. I'd bought a box or two of plastic bags 2 weeks ago at the nearest Sainsburys in Oxford, but as luck would have it, this past week has seen Sainsburys move from good old fashioned outlive-the-cockroaches polythene plastic bags to the degradable type, which is no good for storage. I've now visited three Sainsburys between here and Oxford, and they're all starting to stock degradable plastics. Just my luck. So Waitrose it is.

At the risk of slipping into real resealable plastic bag arcana, it's frustrating as hell that in supermarkets, you basically have two options. Crappy bags made by a crowd called Baco and the supermarket's home brand. Dear American globalist corporate imperialist overlords, please bring your wonderful Ziploc goodness to our supermarkets. Pretty please.

Something I noticed is that Sainsburys and Waitrose obviously have the same producer in China: the labels and blurbs on the bags are exactly the same. The only difference is that Waitrose bags cost about 30% more size-for-size and their large bags are a bit bigger than their Sainsburys counterparts. Which probably means that it's only a matter of time before Waitrose moves to degradable bags as well.

Bloody environmentalists. The whole of the North American and Asian continents will be sinking into the rising oceans under piles of rubbish and black ooze and sludge, but the UK will still have hap-hap-happy landfills. Lucky for us!

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