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What's next?

Time to stick to the quasi-resolution. Over and above some adminish distractions, it's time to pick a new programming project. There are a few things I'd like to do over the rest of the year. By the end of the year I'm keen to be doing things with a much more Unixey and C/C++ish flavour. It has nearly zero applicability to my day to day work, but that's kind of the point: it's fun and a way nerdy distraction.

Before doing that though, I'm going to spend some time doing something I've made far too many false starts at over the past few years. I first started mucking about with Eclipse RCP back in 2004, and at least once in 2005 and again in 2006 I started and got nearly nowhere. Time to get past the first few chapters of the manuals.

I spend a lot of time in Eclipse, and now in RAD, too. I think it could be quite useful getting a little more under the hood with them. Also, there are a few desktoppish apps I may get around to working on, why not kill a few birds with one stone and use Eclipse RCP?

So that's where I'm headed for the next while. Goals: get my head around plug-ins, perhaps build one or two, and then take that a step further to an RCP app, and whip up something simple, to see what it's like to use it all in real anger.

{2007.03.23 - 21:59}


1 Adeleida (2007.03.24 - 07:53) #

Ah, Colin, Please Please Please I know it takes time, but please if you have time, post the stuff you're learning & some code :) . Eclipse RCP is just so cool. I've fiddled with it, but I always run out of time and then I have to start again from scratch, a few months later (I'm not the Java fundi). Now that I'm "out" of the Notes and geek world, I see so many applications for it in business. It is a Good Thing to fiddle with...

2 Colin (2007.03.24 - 22:01) #

Generating some useful output is part of the resolution, so I was planning to either write up or code up something - I'll see what I can do :)


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