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Lousy time to be a turkey

I'm a bit grippe-stricken this weekend. Not much good when you're trying to study for a Formal Logic exam. It's somewhat ironic that an outbreak of bird flu has happened at the same time. At least nobody's planning to gas me to stop me spreading my germs.

Re the bird flu thing, I'm not sure what the big deal is (unless you're a turkey, of course). I think the reason why bird flu worries people is because even though bird flu won't easily spread to humans, it still raises the disconcerting prospect of a killer virus that spreads easily, at least on an island as densely populated as this. Something like AIDS is awful and deadly, but if you're not going around bonking people without protection, then you (generally) don't have to worry about getting it. That's quite different to contracting a disease and dying, just because you sat next to the wrong person on the bus.

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