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Job interviews

Most bloggers have a huge collection of draft entries that never get published. This is usually for good reason. I had a post last year that I never published, not only because I wasn't sure if it was too off colour, but because it was topical to a colleague at the time, and I felt that posting it might be indiscreet. I just came across it again, and while good taste might dictate it not be published, the events that sparked it all worked out well and I'm sure my ex-colleagues would enjoy the recollection as much as I. So here goes:

Some colleagues and I were discussing job interview experiences, and the discussion got to the time-honoured interview question: "describe an instance where you had a conflict with a fellow employee, and how did you resolve it?"

I'm sure every person who's been asked that question has the same 'beauty comes from inside, I want to work with children and the poor' style answer. I mean... really. What are you going to say? We kicked around some ideas on what you could say (with some embellishments from me):

  • Well, it hasn't happened to me. I've found that copious amounts of oral sex in the men's bathroom keeps everyone on an even keel.
  • I walked right up to the dude's desk, and shoved a pen through his left eye. There was no conflict after that. With anyone.
  • I asked him to join me in prayer and with the help of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ we were able to work through our differences.
  • We arm wrestled
  • I fired him
  • I stopped shagging his wife.

{2007.02.01 - 23:15}


1 Ben Langhinrichs (2007.02.02 - 00:55) #

That last one is a real winner. Everybody understands a bit of restraint in the name of office unity.

2 Colin (2007.02.04 - 01:30) #

Indeed ;-)


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