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Hand-key coords

I'm using a Thinkpad at work. I've always been a huge Thinkpad fan, and it's great to be using one again. The only problem is it has a trackpoint (Ronwen says I can't call it a nipple), and the Acer at home has a trackpad. The keyboards are also completely different, and I've just started getting used to the Acer's layout as it is. Now I'm constantly hitting the wrong keys on both laptops.

Exams will be over soon, and it'll be time to consider the next machine for home. Both of us sharing a single laptop is not, as they say, sustainable. I like the idea of computing on the sofa, as does the missus, so we're partial to both having laptops. I had been looking at an uber Dell, and almost bought one over Christmas, when they had some really decent specials, but decided to wait a bit longer. Now I'm pondering getting a Thinkpad for home instead. Then I look at Macbooks... and then I start thinking that I'm being silly, because I can still get a heap more hardware bang for my buck if I get a desktop. So I'm not sure.

I will say one thing - this Acer has, touch wood, thus far &c &c, served me really well.

{2007.01.25 - 21:33}


1 Dean (2007.01.26 - 20:46) #

Hey Colin,
Think two things in the debate over laptop over desktop
1. Laptops lifespan 2 years if you lucky
2. Desktops 25 years if you lucky
and many more cons to boot as far as laptops go and yes have trashed 7 laptops so far , desktop still going strong
just a thought
- this thought written on my cell while cooling down 20 degrees out and its 22:46
in the bath:-D

2 Colin (2007.01.26 - 23:07) #

Hmm, yes, durability is a good point. One of the things I like about Dell is the 3 year on-site warranty you can get. But you're right, by the end of 3 years it's done for.

What I really need is a decent laptop *and* a desktop. And something better than my 4 year old cell phone which I only upgraded from the previous one because my sister gave it to me :)


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