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Oh yes...

... we got to visit Ikea today. I'm not quite sure what I'd expected but I was neither blown away nor turned off by the place. We got ourselves loaded up with bits and bobs for the flat.

The most interesting part of the visit was driving into London. Maybe we just drove through an unexciting part of the city, but it looked like every semi-detached and terrace house for about a gazillion miles was based on one of 3 architectural plans. All same size and dimensions... most with big bay windows on ground and first floor, front door to side and small window on first floor. Wealthier and adventurous types got bay windows on both sides, and poorer folk got no bay windows at all. I wonder whether one architect was responsible for all those houses, or whether architects in the early 20th century just came to work and churned out copies of exactly the same plans, day after day after day?

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