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Culinary delights

Jam doughnuts are made with raspberry jam here, not apricot jam like in ZA. This is a change that'll take some getting used to. Waitrose make mean Chocolate Berliners though, a treat I'd never had before. Chocolate-filled doughnuts - whodathunkit? I'm hooked.

On the subject of jam, there's no superfine apricot jam either. In fact, it seems that jam here isn't jam unless it's chock-full of fruit. I can understand that many people would regard this is a good thing, but I'm a fussy eater and personally, I like my jams to bear as little resemblance to the original fruit as possible. I've discovered that 'conserves' are closest to the ZA concept of jam.

I soon learned that you can get chips with almost anything. Chinese food, Indian food, you name it. That's pretty cool in a decadent sort of way. Burger King isn't bad, is definitely better than Macdonalds (which is, as expected, reassuringly the same), but I will miss Steers. I see franchise opportunities. Ronwen and I have tried a good few restaurants, but I've enjoyed traditional English pub food the most, by far. And of course, English ale is a wonderful thing. It is only through the utmost exertion of self-discipline that I haven't drunk a whole lot more of the stuff.

{2006.11.29 - 00:44}


1 JT (2006.11.29 - 14:13) #

Hey there

Was unable to reach you on your cell so visited your blog instead. Was surprised to find out that you guys have skipped the country. Congratulations to you and Ronwen on your good news as well as all the best for your stay in the UK.

Just wanted to thank you for you know what. Didn't succeed though but your input was much appreciated.


2 Colin (2006.12.02 - 18:59) #

Thanks for the good wishes - same to you. Glad to help with you know what!


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