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We're staying with my in-laws, and they have DSTV, which negates some of the productivity gains being back on dialup would normally afford me. I digress. Ronwen and I have started watching Sky News, to "acclimatise" ourselves. UK "problems" make a nice change from South African "problems".

Today's big news was that a town council is planning on hiking the price of street parking permits for 4x4s and other high-pollution cars. Fancy needing a permit to park in the street in front of your house. In South Africa, if you're dumb enough to park your car in the street, you deserve what's comin' to ya, as your insurance company will be quick to remind you.

Also, I don't think that Sky News likes the Liberal Democrats. I kinda got that Fox News talking about US Democrats ptoey vibe. I don't really know who the Lib Dems are, but I do know from a new poll that the Tories are kicking Labour's butt. I don't really have any strong opinions about British politics, and since I can't vote for any of these people, it's not something I'll be losing any sleep over. Being dependent on the benevolence of people you didn't vote for pretty much sums up South African politics for me too, so it's not that much of an adjustment.

The other oddity is the weather. Man, I dunno why they bother. "Somewhere under this mass of cloud is Britain. Our forecast for the week is 'shitty and wet'. Check back next May." Not that we're complaining: Ronwen and I are both rain nuts, and we're looking forward to it. We'll be those irritating people who get up every morning and throw open the curtains and go "More grey! Yay!"

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I've been scarce, because the Real World has kept us a little busy, and we have some News. It kinda went like this:

Her Majesty's Government says "pull in!" Consider having quiet civil wedding to keep visas clean. Decide it's not a good idea because we might get lazy and keep postponing the big party wedding. Find out that sproglet is on the way. That was quick! Yay! Decide keeping visas clean is a very good idea. Convince family that big party wedding will still happen, we promise. There Will Be A Buffet. Have quiet civil wedding. Yay! Resign from work, flog half our worldly possessions, put the other half in boxes pending cross-equatorial trek, clear out of flat, relocate to Durban until we fly, get paperwork sorted, get final visas approved, Ronwen starts exams, I work like crazy to catch up a year's worth of assignments before cut-off. Only just make it.

The dust is finally starting to settle, and now it's just leisurely studying, doing the final admin, and some much-needed unwinding before we're on our way to the UK. In the meantime, blogging is likely to continue to be sparse, but at least you know why :-)

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