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519.511 DAN

Yep, I'm still around, just rather weighed down by deadlines of the work and study variety. This is short and sweet.

Real life: some people take an extreme view of South Africa, and say that we're a banana republic. That's a bit too extreme for me, but an argument could be made that we're a beetroot republic. It would be funny if it wasn't so saddening.

More real life: surely there must be laws against demoting planets? Not that the distant, barren chunk of rock and gas gives a shit, but it just seems a bit rude to turn Pluto back into a non-planet. The Sitchin crowd must be heart-broken. A few months ago they were celebrating the discovery of their 10th planet, and now we're back down to 8. Sorry for yoouuuuu.

Personal life: I'm getting miiighty tired of studying.

Tech: I wouldn't go so far as to say that JBoss can reduce grown men to tears, but I will say that I've seen a few men who need a good hug after a week or few of doing battle with it. Me included.

More tech: I've seen a host of good tech articles I wanted to link to the past few weeks, but then I don't have time and forget. Of all the articles I can't remember, the one I do is this one by Cameron Purdy. Gestation time needed for an architecture to settle in, late projects and bugger-ups without it. Real-world wisdom, well worth a read.

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