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Linux, Eve, Virtualisation

Eve Online is fun. Lots and lots of fun. There's only one problem: Eve is Windows-only, meaning I have to boot into my (until now) hardly used Windows partition, whenever I want to play. This is a little suboptimal, because my whole life is now on an ext3 file system. I've tried using Eve with Wine, but it's still a bit broken. It's good enough to log in, update skills training and chew the fat in chat channels, but there are a few memory leaks which leave it all falling apart after a few minutes.

Aptly (pun originally unintended), I read a blog post by Ian Murdock this week, contemplating the fact that Windows still has the best driver support:

Me, I actually prefer the Linux desktop over Windows. But now, with all the improvements in virtualization over the past few years, I can still use the Linux desktop as my primary UI and have access to the most extensive set of device drivers.

Tempting. In my case it's not drivers, it's just that little thing called DirectX 9. I'm rather partial to my Linux desktop too, and all the booting between Windows and Linux is a pain. I think it might be venturing into the realms of overkill to change my entire set-up just because of a game (no matter how addictive), but booting into Windows and running Linux in a VMWare partition would certainly be the best of both worlds...

{2006.08.06 - 21:22}


1 Les (2006.08.07 - 23:42) #

The best solution I have found over the years is to just go and have two computers. I just need both, all the time and I don't have time to reboot.

Incidentally, linux can be made to boot *much* faster than it does by default:
See also InitNG - parallel init scripts!

2 Dean (2006.08.08 - 19:03) #

A Great reason to get that laptop:-) after all .Have you decided on one yet?

3 Colin (2006.08.14 - 17:36) #

@Les - I'm beginning to think you're right. More hardware is the way to go :-)

(and thanks for that tip!)

@Dean - sadly no... it's such a big investment, that I keep getting cold feet!


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