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Today's pet annoyance

People who take their time signing credit card slips at the shops.

Everything, from the half-second assume-the-position body shuffle and arm-adjustment in preparation for the glorious signing event, to the meticulous, painstaking nursery-school style writing-out of the Ridiculouslylongsurname seems geared to frustrate and annoy the 500 people behind them in the queue. What do these people want? A gold star and a Noddy badge for having a neat signature? You want to just shake these people, or kick them, or better yet, just grab the pen and sign for them.

Of course, you can't, because if you did actually tell the person to get a fuggen move on, they'd be all upset and everyone else around you would think you're a real wally, and you'd never be able to show your face at the local Woolies again. But still.

{2006.07.12 - 16:21}


1 Leslie Viljoen (2006.07.24 - 19:16) #

Sadly, no-one ever reads those carefully crafted little bits of paper, they all go in the bin. Bank won't take 'em.

So now you have the comfort of knowing that your wait actually serves no purpose at all, except as a carefully designed plot to teach you the lost art of patience.

Seriously, what else is Home Affairs for?


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