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Virgin Money

Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Money last week. From the M&G:

In his usual inimitable style, Branson launched the new credit card with a daredevil stunt - zip-lining 450m (equivalent to a height of 25 storeys) from the roof of the Sandton Sun Hotel into the parking lot of Virgin Money's headquarters in the plush Johannesburg northern suburb of Sandton to establish a new South African record for the longest and steepest foefie slide (sliding down a rope by means of a pulley system).

That's probably the first (and last) time I've ever seen a newspaper use the term 'foefie slide'.

As for Virgin Money, if they shake up the banking industry and make it more competitive, then good for them. Of course, I wonder how many people are going to be like me - very supportive of the idea but too lazy to do anything, and rather hoping that everyone else switches, so that my own bank is forced to sort itself out, too.

{2006.07.03 - 20:36}


1 Dean (2006.07.04 - 19:10) #

ABSA-VIRGIN Joint venture?

2 Colin (2006.07.05 - 11:17) #

An unholy alliance, but promising, because ABSA have to expect their own products to follow suit in response to the inevitable comparisons, and if ABSA does, other banks are going to have to, as well.

3 Dean (2006.07.05 - 18:29) #

When you add Barclays into the mix then its not all bad but who would have thought they would assoiciate themselves with a virgin BLING card

4 Colin (2006.07.08 - 11:08) #

Hmm, yes. I could do without the bling, myself. I'm not very blingy, I must admit ;-)


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