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Le petit Nicolas

The nostalgia trip just doesn't stop. In primary school, I loved the Little Nicholas books, especially the illustrations. Unlike the Enid Blytons and Hardy Boys and Willard Prices and other popular children's books, nobody else seemed to know about Little Nicholas (despite being written by one of the dudes behind Asterix), and they always felt like something of a secret treasure to me. Every few years I remember the series and post a mental reminder that one day I need to get hold of the books, and re-read them. Then I forget about it for a few more years.

Tonight I stumbled across a mention at Crooked Timber, cue oh-wooow-maaaan moment. After a search, it turns out that in addition to the original collection, Goscinny's daughter recently found another 80 stories which had never been published. These were rolled into a new 600-page book, doesn't look like there's an English translation (yet?)

Either way... new mental note duly filed. Next revisit around 2011.

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