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Part of me is itching to invest in a laptop. If I did, getting a ThinkPad would still be first prize. This eWeek article is a little disconcerting though: Lenovo is still facing shrinking market share and growing losses.

An organisation trying its damnedest to be more competitive and reduce costs is likely to be very tempted to start cutting corners, and I wonder whether a new ThinkPad is quite as solid as one from a year or few back, and what they'll be like in another year or few's time?

{2006.06.10 - 14:18}


1 Brendon Upson (2006.06.14 - 00:22) #

Get an Apple MacBook.

2 Colin (2006.06.16 - 19:32) #

It's appealing, but the biggest problem is that in ZA, Apples are horrendously premium-priced.

A lesser consideration is the fact that, and I'm almost ashamed to admit it, I want to run Linux on it. I could probably get a lot of the same things given OSX's UNIX credentials, but I think that Linux is still a little more tinker-friendly - certainly for the kinds of things I'm doing with my spare time these days.

But now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to go back and check out the prices ;)

3 hugo (2006.06.17 - 20:53) #

If I had to get myself a lappy, a ThinkPad would definitely be on the top of the list. I've heard that they are sturdy as hell, and well supported by open source operating systems too. Unfortunately I have an aversion to spending large amounts of money that I don't have, so for now, it's but a dream.

Good luck with you decision :)

4 Darren (2006.06.18 - 01:13) #

Well you could always dual-boot Linux on the MacBook. I ran Ubuntu on my iMac for a couple months that way, and with Apple's switch to Intel architecture I'd imagine that all distros would be able to run fairly easily on the MacBook hardware.

The price premium is a problem though.


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