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X-Men 3

Saw X-Men 3 last night. Good, enjoyable, but imho a bit of let-down after X2. In places it just got a bit too dramaties, as they say. At the same time, many of the characters and plot lines felt a little underdeveloped. The movie felt rushed. Another half hour of story-telling would not have gone amiss. Will there be an extended DVD edition?

On the upside, the X-Men appeal is that it's not the usual one-dimensional goodies-vs-baddies fare, and X3 stays true that. And in the end, it was a good action movie. The highlight had to be watching Wolverine get to work on some of the baddies. Mean. Made me want to walk around the mall and randomly thump shifty-looking people and roar at them while doing it.

On a side note, I noticed while doodling around that Rebecca Romijn, who plays Mystique, was born on exactly the same day as me - 6 November 1972. That explains a few things. If she was in the front of the Looks queue on that day, then it's no surprise that some of us got left with scraps. Pfeh.

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