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The Da Vinci Code

It sounds like The Da Vinci Code is quite a crap movie, but the godless masses are lapping it all up, which is fun to see, because it's doing a great job of getting lots of knickers to snapping point, and the reaction is rather telling. It also cheers me up because the build-up to the movie has really just gotten irritating.

What gets me riled, for example, is arrogant, monopoly-on-truth crap like this:

The African Christian Democratic Party appealed to churchgoers not to watch the movie. Party leader Kenneth Meshoe said: "We want to discourage ACDP constituents, the larger church body and its followers from watching the movie that is essentially filled with blasphemy and lies.

... and slightly more disingenuous crap like this:

Dr Jennifer Slater, of the Roman Catholic Church in Groenkloof, said she hoped people would not take the book as truth. "I haven't seen the movie, but I read the book. The author had a good imagination, but I wouldn't take it as truth."

Well you know, lady, that's pretty much how large swathes of society feel about the bible, which is pretty much the WHOLE DAMNED POINT.

People are welcome to believe whatever they want, but I cannot get over the blatant disconnect that comes from some religious people about this. The Da Vinci Code might just be fiction, but it's still a helluva lot more plausible to a rational non-Christian mind than invisible dieties and pregnant virgins and walking on water and feeding thousands of people from a handful of fish and people rising up from the dead and ascending to the heavens in blazing chariots.

That's all I'm saying.

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1 Ronwen (2006.05.22 - 07:54) #

Apparently 60% of the British population now believe that Jesus did NOT die on the cross, married Mary Magdalene and had kids.

Without ever having read any Barbara Thiering.

2 Leslie Viljoen (2006.06.02 - 19:34) #

People are right to be upset about TDC because it is not based on any real evidence and yet is about a real person. If you respected your uncle and someone wrote what they admitted was fiction about him, and that fiction was about him being a liar and a fraud, you'd also be upset. How about someone writing a "fiction" about you being a prostitute?

Also, despite society's feelings about the bible, it cannot even exist without at least prophecy existing, which is something many people do not know. Psa 22, which was found with the Dead Sea scrolls, gives quite some detail on a method of execution hundreds of years before it was invented. But there is far more evidence for the truth of the bible than that... how did a bunch of Hebrews know all hygiene when their counterparts were trepanning skulls?

Rational people believe things because of evidence, not feelings and that goes for everyone.

3 Colin (2006.06.02 - 23:37) #

I don't think the premise of the Da Vinci Code and the background research says that Jesus was a liar, just that he wasn't who the bible says he was.

I can understand that Christians are unhappy about this portrayal of Christ but this goes to what I was saying. There are a few billion non-Christians on this planet, who by definition of not being a Christian, have different interpretations of who Christ was, or possibly even question whether he existed at all.

We could argue in circles about the truth of the bible, providing proof and refutation over and again, but I don't think either of us is realistically going to persuade the other to change their views because of it. That's fine by me - I like the idea of a world where people are free to believe whatever they like - it beats throwing people to lions and burning them at stakes for believing different things - but support for freedom of belief has to cut both ways, including respecting others' rights to believe and speculate about things which seem heretical or insulting to one's own beliefs.

4 Devin Olson (2006.06.02 - 23:49) #

My biggest problem with The DaVinci Code is the protesters themselves. Understand of course, that I'm a believer and follower of Christ. I just get so frustrated at the Christian "masses" who seem incapable of blending faith and thought. I'm often embarrased by them, in that as a Christian I am automatically associated with these folks. Grrr. Drives me nuts.

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