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Proudly NOT South African

Commentary have moved from a local to international hosting service, because their growing bandwidth requirements were about to become rather costly. On local mailing lists I follow, 'go overseas' is probably the standard answer when people ask about hosting.

It might not be a bad thing to start a 'Proudly NOT South African' meme. If it took off, it might highlight the problem that local hosting providers face.

Telkom's monopoly and overpriced bandwidth costs means there's no way that local companies can compete with international providers, even for local traffic. This isn't abstract 'Telkom is Evil' ranting, this is a very clear instance where local companies, and consequently our local economy, and currency, are being hurt because of Telkom.

Then again, maybe not. I'd fully expect some wally to suggest that the solution to help local companies is to just ban people from hosting overseas.

{2006.04.09 - 20:33}


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