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Gotta love UNISA. During the exam stretch earlier this year, when I decided to cancel some of my subjects, I sent faxes and emails to the exams department, asking to be deregistered for those subjects. They weren't too quick in sorting out the cancellations which resulted in a few agitated phone calls when my exam results came out with a few 'absent from exam' entries on my record. Things were finally sorted out, my otherwise sparkly set of results for the year were de-tarnished, and I thought all was done and dealt with.

Not quite. Three months later, well into the new academic year, someone in the exams department decided to take a fresh look at my correspondence, and proceeded to cancel my registrations for the subjects. Again.

Head. Wall. Desk. Etc.

To be fair, a kind lady in the Com Sci department who's sorting out a related registration glitch for me discovered the problem, and even gave me a call to let me know that she'd sorted it out.

{2006.04.05 - 18:17}


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