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Memory monitoring

Eclipse is holding up pretty well after the weekend's PermSpace changes. I allocated 128 megs to PermSpace, and no hassles since then.

I purposely didn't specify any heap settings, because I wanted to play around a bit, after I'd found two really nifty freeware tools which are like the modern geek equivalent of those custom oil pressure gauges that were standard kit for 1980's Ford Cortinas and souped-up Alfas: the Kyrsoft memory monitor and status monitor both tell you how much heap space your workspace is using - the one with a pretty graph view, and the other a small bar on your status line.

The status line monitor does the job quite nicely for me. In addition to providing info about memory usage, the plug-ins allow you to explicitly invoke the garbage collector, and set warnings for when you're running low on memory. Rather nifty.

{2006.03.30 - 20:34}


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