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I mulled the year ahead on the occasion of my birthday 2 months back, but what would a new year be without some introspection?

Personally, I hope 2004 goes better (for me) than 2003. Nobody dying on me. I'd like to graduate and do it comfortably. I'd like to shed a couple of the pounds I picked up during the year (and the years prior to that). I want to feel like I've made serious progress in new technical areas.

The usual stuff.

My other resolution, if you want to call it that, is to take control of my life. Cult of Oprah here we come... in truth, I just want to be a little more diligent with my personal effectiveness and affairs, improve my time management skills, exert a bit of self-discipline, yadda yadda. I have to believe that I can juggle the various things I'm always itching to do, along with the necessary admin and stuff so that I don't have tons of literal and metaphoric junk clogging up my life and lifestyle. On the one hand I justify the gunk and lack of organisation by saying I'm too busy, but often the gunk keeps me busier and more distracted than I could, or should, be.

And to be honest, it's starting to get on my nerves (that's the family-friendly version). Enough is enough.

So there we go. Lessee in a month's time what I've achieved.

{2004.01.04 21:18}


1 Thomas Duff (2004.01.06 - 00:16) #

I've been following the system proposed by David Allen in the book Getting Things Done (<a href="">link</a>). I've been following along for about three months, and it's made a world of difference...

2 Colin (2004.01.06 - 10:13) #

Thanks, Tom. I recall reading your post about it and I'm pretty sure that also prodded my thoughts about my personal productivity. I'll definitely track the book down :)


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